People often ask the story behind CoreWare Answer… MAGMA

A transparent, problem solving group of dedicated engineers working together to efficiently solve your complex business challenges.

We seamlessly weave together our innovative and forward facing technology to develop solutions for our clients and provide them with the necessary tools to advance their business.

01Quality first

Our team prides itself on following a stringent code of delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients. We have weaved this notion into the culture of CoreWare and make sure our engineers collaborate with our clients on giving them the services they need. Ultimately, our priority is transcending the standard of quality that is expected from us.

02Something else

Having an innovative and diverse set of perspectives working with cutting-edge technologies is an invaluable part of our company that ultimately pushes us to new heights. Because technology is constantly being advanced, we believe that our company should model this idea and always work to provide our clients with the most efficacious solutions while simultaneously evolve ourselves as well.


This just might be your cup of tea.

You’re a curious and collaborative visionary, someone excited about tackling the hard problems in technology?

We challenge the status quo to make things with a sense of purpose.

React Native Developer


We are looking for a React Native developer interested in building performant mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms

Ruby on Rails Developer


We are looking for a Ruby developer responsible for building Ruby applications, including anything from complex groups of back-end micro-services to command line utilities and data processing scripts

AngularJS Developer


We are looking for an AngularJS Developer responsible for the client side of our service


We have done some amazing things in the past!

State-of-the-art products. Flexible Dev Cycles. Agile Delivery.

Setting the global standard in transparent software outsourcing. Trusted partners at every stage of the development process. Our quality products empower business to success in their industries.